Woody End Farm
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Getting Started
Back in the beginning...we just wanted to bring goats back into our lives.  Growing up we'd  had a herd of 21 Nubian and Saanen goats.  We weren't sure we wanted big goats again and after much research decided on Nigerian Dwarf goats for the small size and high quality milk.

Emma and Fuzzy came to us from Kids Corral, and we haven't regretted it.  Emma and Fuzzy are no longer with us, but Emma is the foundation doe for our herd.  Her daughters Oreo and Cookie are great milk producers and have a better attitude toward milking than their mother ever did. 

And Now...

Our initial breeding objectives were to get teets that were easier to milk, as Emma both had an attitude problem and small teets.   We're now breeding to see if we can keep the great milk production, better teets, and mellowing down the personalities a bit.  ChaKai from Rosaharn is our new buck.  He's a mello fellow and so far, so are his offspring.  

We'll see what this year's  plans produce.  We have babies later in the season--July--to better fit our schedules so now we wait.